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Spotlight [2019]

December 2019

  • Doral Leadership Institute Graduate, Mrs. Gil

    A huge Congratulations to Mrs. Melissa Gil, Assistant Administrator, in completing the Leadership Program from the Doral Leadership Institute. Mrs. Gil is the first charter graduate to have been a part of the program. She graduated from Mater Academy in Class of 2007. 

October 2019

  • Congratulations to our Perfect Score Students!

    These students got a perfect score in their FSA or EOC for the 2018-2019 school year. 

May 2019

  • Sophia Torres, junior at Mater Lakes, wins the position of Community Service Chair for MDCPS SGA

                    Mater Lakes is proud to have Sophia Torres, junior, representing our school as the Community Service Chair for Miami Dade Public Schools Student Government. Mater Lakes has had active participation with the SGA of Miami Dade County Public Schools. Sophia made it her goal to be on the board since she began in SGA.  So as a current member of MLA’s Student Government, she has the experience needed to be a representative on behalf of MLA.

    Sophia had to go through an application process by submitting a 500 word essay about herself and why she wants the position. She also had to submit teacher recommendation letters and a resume of all extracurricular activities. Sophie stated, “I enjoy helping the community and I love being involved with others to make an impact on someone’s life,” when asked why she ran for the position of Community Service Chair.

                    On April 11, 2019, Sophia won Community Service Chair for the 2019-2020 school year, after running against another female student from School of Advanced Studies North. The former Community Service Chair for the 2018-2019 school year was Carlos Naranjo from Mater Academy. Sophia looks forward to meeting with all the new and former officers to discuss the plans for next school year in May. Some of the projects she has planned for next school year are collecting hygiene products, clothes donations, and proving lunch for the homeless every month.  

                    When asked how she felt after she won, Torres said “I was filled with joy knowing that I am going to have the chance to do whatever it takes to give back to the Miami Dade community and make a change, especially in the lives of homeless people.” Her goals for next school year consist of bringing the schools together, keeping Miami Dade County healthy and clean, and leaving a positive impact on the community as a whole.

                    Mater Lakes is proud of Sophia Torres and all her accomplishments especially winning such a prestigious leadership position.

March 2019

  • Alumni Spotlight, Taylor Garcia- Class of 2017

    I attended Mater Lakes since 7th grade and graduated year of 2017. I officially started playing music the first year there was a music program at Mater Lakes, so during my 9th grade year. Thanks to Mr. Sterling Jones, I picked up the instrument that I would eventually get all my recognition from. Moreover, I learned tremendously from Mr.Jones and Mr. Hector Barrera and both play a very significant role in shaping me as the musician I am today. Currently I am studying at Miami Dade College in kendall campus through the Honors College. At MDC, I'm following the career path of Music Performance but I'm graduating this semester from MDC and moving on to Berklee School of Music in the fall, which I got half of the tuition provided by the school. Right now at MDC, I am being mentored by an amazing Professor named Matt Bonelli, who is a very big presence in music down here in South Florida and is mostly known for playing for the Bee-Gee's. Moreover, I currently have 8 years playing Bass and have played for many local bands which include the band I'm currently playing in right now which is called Paiige and have subbed in for others like Mahogany Purple, Cannibal Kids, and Polar Boys (all local bands). Also, I'm currently being sponsored by Major guitar company, Gibson.

January 2019

  • MLA SGA is the FASC District 6 Treasurer! Congrats to Sarah Teran!

    Congratulations to Sarah Teran, junior at MLA, for being elected as our representative for winning the FASC District 6 Treasurer position. 

    Not only did Mater Lakes bring home the District position for Treasurer but also won the following at the District Convention on January 25th at Everglades High School. 

    1st Place Talent Show Winners: Mercedes Ferreira Dias and Melissa Ramos
    2nd Place Faculty/Staff Relations Project Book: Melany Diaz and Justin Bu
    1st Place Technology Project: Adriana Sela
    MLA's t shirt design won for the D6 Convention

    MLA would also like to Congratulate Adriana Sela for being an amazing SGA President and D6 Secretary for her senior year. Adriana, you will be missed!