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Spotlight [2018]

December 2018

  • Isabella Gomez, Senior at MLA

    Isabella Gomez, a senior at Mater Lakes, was selected to attend the LOFT leadership program through the AGBell Association last summer. This is a leadership program designed for deaf and hard of hearing students. She is the first student in Miami-Dade County to be nominated and selected to attend this program.  She has taken an active role in the state chapter. She also has spoken to and now serves on their advocacy committee.

    As a result of her experiences and her work, she was invited to give a two minute speech about her journey at the AGBell Gala in Washington DC on November 28th. This is an annual event that raises funds and awareness about hearing loss.

    Here is a little about Isabella’s history: Isabella was diagnosed with hearing loss at age 6 and was fitted with hearing aids. During her 10th grade year it was discovered that Isabella’s hearing loss was progressive meaning it was getting worse. She went from having a moderate hearing loss to being deaf. She received her first cochlear implant in 2016 and then the second one in October of this year from the University of Miami Cochlear Implant team.

    Isabella is a high achieving student whose success can be attributed in large part to the help and support she has received at Mater Lakes. We are proud of Isabella.

November 2018

  • 6th Grade Portuguese Course

    MLA offers a new 6th grade Portuguese course piloted by FIU. Mrs. Ana Paula Garcia is the teacher facilitating the course. We welcome our sixth graders that are in the class with much luck and fun as they complete the course. 

October 2018

  • Unique Families' Exciting News!

    Congratulations to Gail, our school's office manager, and to Mrs. Aleman, our Language Arts Department Chair!

    Unique Families founded by Gail and Luis Ulloa is excited and proud to announce that they have published their first children’s book called “Three Winks I love you! It has been an ongoing project for almost 2 years and now it is time to reveal it to everyone! This book was written by Mrs. Aleman who was inspired by Ulloa’s son, Adrian, and the story behind it. We hope you enjoy the book. You can find the book on Amazon the link:

    All proceeds will be going to Unique Families Inc., our nonprofit organization. 

September 2018

  • Congratulations to our 2018 Teachers of the Year!

    Mrs. Patricia Valenzano HS Teacher of the Year 

    Ms. Xierra Itayem MS Teacher of the Year
    Mr. Suraj Mirpuri Rookie Teacher of the Year 

August 2018

  • Montrell Newton, MLA's Class of 2018 Graduate

    Montrell Newton is MLA's first senior to receive his National Emergency Medical Technician Certificate. Congratulations Montrell and Good Luck at the University of Pittsburgh!