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March 2019

  • Alumni Spotlight, Taylor Garcia- Class of 2017

    I attended Mater Lakes since 7th grade and graduated year of 2017. I officially started playing music the first year there was a music program at Mater Lakes, so during my 9th grade year. Thanks to Mr. Sterling Jones, I picked up the instrument that I would eventually get all my recognition from. Moreover, I learned tremendously from Mr.Jones and Mr. Hector Barrera and both play a very significant role in shaping me as the musician I am today. Currently I am studying at Miami Dade College in kendall campus through the Honors College. At MDC, I'm following the career path of Music Performance but I'm graduating this semester from MDC and moving on to Berklee School of Music in the fall, which I got half of the tuition provided by the school. Right now at MDC, I am being mentored by an amazing Professor named Matt Bonelli, who is a very big presence in music down here in South Florida and is mostly known for playing for the Bee-Gee's. Moreover, I currently have 8 years playing Bass and have played for many local bands which include the band I'm currently playing in right now which is called Paiige and have subbed in for others like Mahogany Purple, Cannibal Kids, and Polar Boys (all local bands). Also, I'm currently being sponsored by Major guitar company, Gibson.