Staff Station
Ms. Christian Hawkings


Course Objectives:

The 10th grade Language Arts curriculum will focus on building the following skills:

·      Literature Analysis

o   Identify main idea, plot and author’s purpose

·      Word and phrase building

·      Comparisons/Contrast

·      Cause & Effect

·      Reference and Research

·      Effective essay writing

·      Test preparation/strategies

·      Development of critical thinking skills

·      Communication skills


Class Format:

The primary text will be a SpringBoard textbook, which will be provided by the school. Students should be prepared to engage in the following activities:

·      Class discussion

·      In class reading and writing

·      Various group activities

·      Peer review

·      Films



·      A: 90-100%

·      B: 80-89%

·      C: 70-79%

·      D: 60-69%

·      F: 0-59%

·      Z: not submitted

***Late work will only be accepted for students with excused absences. Work must be turned in 3 days AFTER ABSENCE. Do not wait for an excused absence to begin making up any missed assignments.


Required Materials:

·      Folder (must have 3 prongs)

·      2 Divider tabs

·      Pen and pencil

·      Highlighters

Additional Material/”Wish List”

·      Ream of copy paper

·      Ream color or construction paper

·      Color markers or pencils

·      Expo dry-erase markers

·      Kleenex

·      Hand sanitizer


Classroom Norms:

During direct instruction, students should:

·      S.L.A.N.T (Sit up, Lean forward, Ask questions, Nod yes and no, Talk with teacher)

·      Listen when other students are asking or answering questions (we can learn a lot from our classmates’ thinking/questions as well)

o   N.O.S.T.U.E.S.O (No One Speaks Twice Until Everyone Speaks Once)

o   We disagree with ideas, not people. We will be using scholar language.


During partner work, students should:

·      Only discuss the problem or activity they are working on—we don’t want to distract our partners or other classmates

·      Raise their hands if they have a question or get stuck

·      Stay in their seats/designated area for the activity unless given instructions to move around (we don’t want to distract other classmates who may not know why we’re up!)

·      If they finish early, students can choose to read silently


Classroom Rules:

1. Students will follow directions the first time given

2. Students will arrive to class on time and in uniform

3. Students will keep electronic away and on silent at all times

4. Students will come prepared for class with materials and ready to learn***



1.   Verbal warning

2.   Parent call home

3.  Student sent to administration