Staff Station
Mrs. Michelle Batista

Reading  Homework - iReady Weekly Lessons:

  • Website -
  • Login Information:
  • Username: FirstNameLastNameStudenIDNumber
  • Password: miami (Must be ALL Lowercase)

Directions & Grading: 

  • Students must complete and pass 1 lesson per week.
  • Weekly Lessons are Due by Sunday at 11:59 PM. 
  • No Passed Lessons will result in 60%. 
  • No Activity on iReady will result in an F.
  • iReady Lessons cannot be made up after the due date has passed.

Homework - CommonLit

  • Common Lit will be used for homework and is to be completed by the deadline given on homework site (usually Friday at 11:59 PM) 
  • The Username should be Your student ID number or your First Name and Last Name. The password should be your student ID number (Written in your Journal)
  • Students should NOT create multiple accounts - all double accounts will be deleted, and students will have to register again with me!​​​​​​​
Period 2     KQYKKQ 
Period 3     ZJNLLZ
Period 4     ​​​3RVBBV 
Period 6    DR6JJ3
Period 7   WDZYYP