Staff Station
Mrs. Benita Jorge

Please email me with any questions:

To my students: The aim of these courses are not merely to study literature, but to learn the skills necessary for literacy in life, to have the opportunity to explore a variety of writing styles and to understand the relevance of this subject in our daily lives. Please give me a chance to help you learn. I want this class to educate you and for that purpose, I'm ALWAYS here for you!

To the parents of my students: I will do what it takes to make sure your child has the best learning environment possible and that they are receiving the attention they need to do well. I will take a variety of approaches to engage all learners, and I want to ensure you that under my watch, no one gets left behind as long as they put in a good effort.

Please see the page that corresponds to your specific class for syllabus information, greetings, and homework. 

I look forward to the coming year and to getting to know you all!