Staff Station
Ms. Nicole Valle

 Below are the apps I will be using in my classroom this school year.

They are both free apps that you and your child can use! 

Class Dojo App:

  • The Class Dojo App will be used as my classroom management tool to keep track of the points students accumulate as a class throughout each quarter.
  • The class period with the most accumulated points (as a class) will receive a special surprise at the end of each quarter. Please read and review the House Cup Rules attachment so that you and your child are aware of how the points will be added or deducted.
  • Parents you can also keep track of how your child is doing in my class and contact me through Class Dojo.
  • Students, unfortunately the codes expire so we will do this in class so you can keep track of your points!)

Remind App:

  • The remind app will be used to remind students of any and all things related to Mater Lakes Academy and my class.
  • I have created a Parent Code for Remind as well, please use that code if you are a parent. 
  • Students should only use the code that pertains to their class period and should text the class code for their period to 81010. ​​​​​​​

Remind 101 Cass Codes:

Parent Code - @parentsnv

Period 1 - @P1MSV

Period 2 - @P2MSV

Period 3 - @P3MSV

Period 4 - @Per4MSV

Period 5 - @P5MSV

Period 6 - @Per6MSV

Period 7 - @P7MSV