Staff Station
Ms. Nicole Valle

Please remember that emails are a professional form of communication.

DO NOT send me emails as you would to your friends. 

 Make sure to include the following:

  1. Subject Line: First and Last Name and Class Period (Please Remember: Emails without proper subject line will be IGNORED, unless corrected)
  2. Your Email: Please make sure your email is typed correctly!
  3. Greeting: Good morning/afternoon/evening, Ms. Valle,
  4. Body of email: Your question or concern
  5. Closing: Thank you, Sincerely, Cordially etc. “Your Name”

Reasons to email Ms. Valle:
  • You do not understand an assignment.
  • You will be absent for an EXTENDED period of time. 
  • You were absent and missed a Test/Quiz only.

Do NOT email Ms. Valle if:

  • You were absent and need an assignment (Homework: check the website. Classwork: check absent bin during your next class)
  • You want to know why you received a particular grade (check the comments in your gradebook, we will also discuss assignments in class).
  • You received an “NC” in the class (make sure to get your absences excused in the office, please remember that I will NOT enter a grade unless your absence is excused).
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