Staff Station
Ms. Nicole Valle

Welcome to Mater Lakes Academy!

My name is Ms. Valdes and I will be your child’s Reading Teacher. My Bachelor’s Degree is in Elementary Education, I'm also Reading and ESOL endorsed. Currently, I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Reading Education. This will be my third year teaching at Mater Lakes Academy. I, along with the rest of the reading team, look forward to teaching your child and for all the new memories and experiences we will share as a team this school year!  #GoBears!

- Ms. Valle


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once.”

 ~ George R.R. Martin

Syllabus & Required Student Supplies:

  • Please read and review the course syllabus with your child and the class dojo parent letter attached below, print and sign only the last TWO pages. This will be collected the first week of school. (After the first week, 20 points will be taken off the final grade for being turned in late.)
  • The required Student Supply List is attached below, be sure to have all required student supplies by Monday, August 26, 2019(After the due date, 20 points will be taken off the final grade for being turned in late.)

Classroom Donations

  • The Classroom Wishlist is attached below. These items are not mandatory but greatly appreciated. (Parent Volunteer Hours will be given with proper documentation.) 
  • If you wish to donate classroom supplies for parent volunteer hours, you can find the donated items parent waiver below.
  • Please make sure you print and complete the waiver and attach the receipt as well (important) without the receipt the hours cannot be processed. Please make sure to save a copy for your records. 

Absence Work Policy:

  • Students MUST have an EXCUSED absence to make up any tests, quizzes, or assignments that were missed. Test/Quizzes can be made up before school or after school, this must be coordinated with me ahead of time. 
  •  It is the STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY to find out what classwork was missed from the Absent Bin the following day they are present in class. Missed assignments can ONLY be made up within 2 days of the missed day! 

Homework & Late Work Policy:

  • Please check this page daily so you do NOT miss any homework assignments! Homework must be done before entering the classroom (students doing homework in class the day its due will be considered late, 20 points will be taken off the final grade.) 
  • Late work Defined: turning in assignments after the due date/time. 
  • Late work will be penalized with 20 points taken off the final grade.
Free Homework Help & Tutoring Program
  • From August 24, 2019 - May 30, 2020
  • Where: Your Local Public Library
  • Certified Teachers are available to meet with small groups of students grades K-12 to provide FREE homework help and tutoring in reading, math, and science. Click on the link below to find out more!