Staff Station
Ms. Wendy Padron

Hello and welcome back,

I am Ms. Padrón and I will be your student's 10th and 11th grade English teacher. I hold a Bachelor's in English, Philosophy, and International Relations, as well as a Master's in Global and Sociocultural Studies.

The 10th grade course will focus on culture, both personal and public. The material taught will be focused on building and strengthening students' knowledge in preparation for their upcoming exams. In addition, 10th grade is a crucial year for students' academically. They are beginning to seriously consider their collegiate options and course material is chosen to better equip them for the PSAT and other collegiate entrance exams in the future. 

The 11th grade course this year will focus on American Literature. Students are expected to take part in class discussion, complete writing assignments, and projects. In addition, since your student(s) will be taking their SAT and/or ACT this year or the next in preparation for their college applications, the class will also incorporate some preparatory material to help improve certain, necessary skills.

Any question(s) or concern(s), you may reach me via email at

Ms. Padrón