Staff Station
Mr. Osmel Torres

Welcome to the new school year, I am sure you are all eager to begin your journey through history which is filled with as much excitement as it is with intrigue. Through the course I invite you to immerse yourselves in complex thought as we study the events that led humanity on a path of innovation, revolution, destruction and creation. As you can very well tell I am a teacher that prides himself in the love for history and my sole objective is to inscribe the same on my students. In order to achieve this I have created a curriculum that is both challenging and interactive, and it will require the students to use and further develop their critical thinking skills.


I think Parent-Teacher interaction is of utmost importance in the educational development of the students. Therefore I encourage all to register for the class and this way you will be informed on the daily developments of the course. Please feel free to contact me through e-mail with any inquires about the class and familiarize yourselves with the Syllabus, which contains the classroom rules and procedures as well as what is expected from the students and what they can expect from the class.



Mr. Torres