Staff Station
Mr. Hector Barrera
I've been playing piano since the age of 9. Receiving a degree in Music/Music education from MDC. I then went straight into the private sector where I've recorded at Panera Studios with Luis Martinez and Expose. During this time Luis Enrique recorded my original song "Tomorrow is a Holiday". I then moved on to record my own CD under the band Axiom. With this group we opened up for The Flock of Seagulls and Survivor of the Rocky movie fame. The next few years I raised a family and became a Credit Manager for different entities. Within the last 8 years Ive been a member of the Master Choral of South Florida where we performed with Andrea Bocelli 8 times, Itshak Pearlman and the Russian Orchestra and the Cleveland Orchestra and most importantly Foreigner throughout South Florida until circumstances brought me to Mater Lakes as an assistant music director. Here I've turned to my vast experience to help Mr. Jones and the students achieve their musical aspirations and goals. I love music, I love what I do and I want our students to achieve their musical dreams as well. So join us at Mater Lakes Academy for your Jouney into the wonderful world of Music!