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Mr. Steven Burgos
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The law Rules
Annenberg Classroom for Civics: Executive branch & Public Opinion
Constitution Hall Pass: The Legislative Branch
EOC Practice Flash cards
This would probably be a good time to start reviewing these flash cards - EOC is right around the corner ..
Mr. B
Executive Branch
Federalism in Education
Hi Class,

Learn how the federal government is involved in the education system, and how the government's role in the public school impacts the effectiveness of educating the American children.

Mr. B

Here are five good reasons federalism is so important in education.
Good read on federalism in education...this will help with a future assignment.

Mr. B
Preamble: U.S. History
here you go!
Sources and Types of Law
This is an 11 minute video covering the sources and types of law - Please review for further understanding.
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