Staff Station
Ms. Cecilia Garcia
December Service Project
For the Military Service Project, please select 15 out of the 25 items that are on the list. Each member will be given a drawstring bag to fill with the items and return to room 236. Bags will be due by the first week of December.

January Service Project
For the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Service Project, we will be collecting items to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Choose Love Foundation, an organization that gives food to the homeless. We will be assembling the sandwiches in the cafeteria after school on January 21st at 3:45 pm. I have attached the sign-up sheet for the items that people promised to bring in either on January 20th or January 21st. If you have not signed up to bring something or if you would like to sign up for more items, please contact me via Remind. 

It is IMPERATIVE that you bring in the items that you have committed to bring. Points will be deducted if you fail to do so. Our goal is to make 200 sandwiches! 

February Service Project 
 For the Tri-County Animal Shelter Project, we will be collecting items that the shelter is requesting. We ask that ALL members bring in 5 of the items on the list attached. The last day to turn in the items is March 12th and the field trip to go to the shelter will be March 13th. Please have field trip form turned in by February 28th, we will only be able to take the first 30 students who turn in the form.