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Fair Child Challenge

Applications are due by October 7th!

Fairchild Challenges:
Challenge 1: Conservation Photography - Developing a Call to Action
-submit a photograph and description that captures the visual representation of the natural environment
Challenge 2: Fairchild's Rare Plants
-Research one of our rare plants from Fairchild’s living collection, and create an informative sign. Signs must describe the chosen plant and highlight the importance of botanical gardens as a means of plant conservation
Challenge 4: Environmental Debate Tournament
-a powerful forum for students to clearly and competently discuss today’s complex environmental issues
Challenge 6: Growing Beyond Earth
-experiments will compare different cultivars of the same species for their biomass production and health. Upon completion of a 28-day trial, analyze your data and propose a new research experiment based on your first growth cycle.

Fairchild Challenge Website:

Remind: @mlafc
Instagram: @materlakesfairchild