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Welcome to Early Childhood Education! 

Every child within a child care setting deserves the best trained teacher possible.  Through your commitment and goal to complete all 4 levels the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program and earn the Child Development Associate Certificate (CDA), you will have the opportunity to touch the lives of young children and begin the journey to becoming the best teacher, child care director, pediatrician, neonatal nurse, child psychologist, or social worker possible.   

Observation and supervised work experience with young children in a school laboratory or a community laboratory setting are an integral part of this program. 

This program is broken down into 4 levels:
Level 1 students will learn the fundamentals of child development including understanding infants, toddlers, preschoolers, learning about the child care center, curriculum planning, and on the job skills.


Level 2 students work to develop the skills necessary to work with young children in a preschool school setting. We develop these skills by planning and implementing activities with young children from ages 1-5. Introduction and testing of the 45 hours competencies including Rules & Regulations, Health, Safety & Nutrition, Child Abuse & Neglect, Child Growth & Development, Behavior Observation & Screening, Preschool Appropriate Practices and Developmentally Appropriate Practices.


Level 3 students will again work with preschoolers in a laboratory setting and continue to complete the 45 hour DCF competencies and exams. Students will start working on their teacher resource portfolio.


Level 4 students will acquire competence in the areas of mentoring, developing the ability to motivate children and emphasis on professional development. Again, students will work with preschool children in a laboratory setting. Students will complete their teaching resource portfolio, observation for evaluation by CDA council representative and complete their CDA national certification exam.


What can you do with do with the ECPC certificate?

* Work in a local preschool/child care center as a lead teacher or teacher’s assistant/YMCA counselor/after school program

* Earn 9 free credits in any junior college in the state of Florida, in any Vocational field.

* Goal Seal Scholarship, which pays 3/4 of your college tuition at a Florida state university. In order to be eligible for a Gold Seal Scholarship you must have: a 3.5 GPA in Early Childhood Education (Level 1-4), an overall GPA of 3.0, in core classes, passing SAT/ACT scores, completed volunteer hours.


Class Rules, Expectations, and Consequences 

Expected Behavior:

1. Be aware of your language. Inappropriate language and behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.   

2. Eating, drinking, chewing gum, or selling candy/chips or food of any kind is NOT allowed in this classroom or the preschool classroom.

3. Arrive to class on time and prepared.

4. Respect me, my classroom,, the children, their parents, preschool staff and other students around you; as well as their belongings.

 5. Shut off all electronic devices. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Cellular phones and other electronic devices need to be turned off and all headphones need to be put away before entering the preschool/classroom. All electronic devices need to be put away in a bag, not to be held in a pocket or anywhere else on the student’s possession. Students are NOT allowed to take pictures or video of the children with their phone or any other device.



1. Verbal Warning

2. Parent Contact (Phone Call)

3. Detention

4. Administration Referral


Academic Expectations:

* Students are expected to put maximum effort into their work.

* Students are expected to hand work in on time.

* Students are expected to work individually and in cooperative groups.

* Students are expected to participate in lesson activities and with the children in a preschool setting.

Classroom Procedures

Absences: When you are absent, a “Z”(zero) will be entered into the gradebook

-If the absence is excused, you will be able to make up to get notes/lesson/homework that was missed. Make up work will need to be turned in the next class.

- If you choose not to make up the work, the “Z” (zero) will remain in the gradebook.

- Excessive unexcused absences may affect your grade for that semester.    


Tardies: You MUST have a pass from wherever you are coming from. If you are tardy more than 5 times, a parent will be called and a detention will be given. Excessive tardies after the initial five will affect your current grade.


Participation: Working cooperatively & in groups: You will be working in groups. If any problems with other students arise, please come see me personally.


Being Prepared: You must bring your notebook/supplies/activity for lesson when you are expected to. Not being prepared for a lesson will affect your grade.


Internet/Computer/printer/copier Usage: School equipment, materials and props should be treated and handled with care. If they become damaged or destroyed, you will be responsible for replacing them. If used inappropriately (on sites you shouldn’t be on and using equipment for other classes), you will be referred to administration and lose all privileges. You may not use materials for your own personal use.


Class supplies/materials/tools: If you take out materials or supplies, you will be expected to put them back in their proper place. You may not use materials for your own personal use.


GRADES: An “A” will be earned, if you achieve the following and they are turned in on time:

-Class Work/Reading assignment/Notebook checks             

-Lesson Plans correctly filled out/ Samples

-Teaching of your lesson plans                                              


-Weekly Participation

-Weekly Effort/Conduct                     


For any late assignments: You will receive one grade lower on them. 

For any assignments not turned in at all: You will receive an “F” for that work.



If I do not see the effort or initiative from you, I have no problem assigning book work. You will not be able to interact with the children until you can prove to me that you are ready to try. Please make the best out of this awesome opportunity. I want you to work hard and have fun!  I think we are going to have a great year working together! J