Staff Station
Mr. Kristopher Rodriguez
Hello Parents and Students!

Please look below for the Zoom Online Meetings Schedule. All information needed will be given during our first meeting.

Please continue to look online on Mater Lakes Website for any changes in school news, as well as my homework pages for any and all assignments.

For any assignment given that is needed to be printed and given back, please scan - or take picture and send to me at:

My Zoom ID is:

Beginning Next week - 4/13
We will be using a brand new platform to access our Zoom Meetings. I will be sending/giving out log in information during 2nd period (4/9) individually.
This new platform is called COLEGIA ( and it will allow you to safely access all of your vortual learning sites in one place. It ensures that both students and teachers are using the websites safely.
Below is a link to step by step guide on how to access website as well as getting onto zoom for our class meetings.