Staff Station
Student Volunteer

You may complete hours at any Miami Dade County Library, Museum, School or Park and Recreational Center. Please note that this project can only be completed at the locations listed below and through any Mater Lakes Academy School sponsored activity.
Miami Children's Museum                          (305) 373-5437
Special Olympics Florida in Miami              (305) 406-9467
American Red Cross                                 (305) 406-9467
International Rescue Committee                 (305) 640-9881
United Way of Miami-Dade                         (305) 860-3000
Camillus House                                         (305) 374-1065
Hands on Miami                                        (305) 646-7200
Regis House                                             (305) 642-7600
Ronald McDonald House Charities              (305) 324-5683
Hospice Care of Southeast Florida              (305) 599-7755
Kristi House (must be 18 years old)            (305) 547-6800
Charlee Program (must be 18 years old)      (305) 779-9600
Hope in Miami Beach                                 (305) 220-3467
Miami Metro Zoo                                        (305) 255-5551
American Cancer Society                           (305) 779-2848
(contact person Yesenia Morales)
Miami Gator Volunteer visit website for contact information
If you would like to do community service hours at another location that is not listed or specified, please speak to a guidance counselor or an administrator for approval.