Staff Station
Lissette Iniguez
-Zoom code for Peer Counseling-
Meeting ID: 3019355075

Google Classroom codes:
Period 1: dlnwq3m
Period 2: zko6yum
Period 3: l6vzr37
Period 4: wbb4wzx
Period 5: o7xyspe
Period 6: 2nj3isi
Period 7: vsqvg2e

Please all students check your remind for updates and add yourself if you did not do so at the beginning of the year.

Remind 101 codes per period:
Period 1: @eaab844
Period 2: @f3f8hc
Period 3: @ehh7hb
Period 4: @cag22b3
Period 5: @3gh743
Period 6: @9fgd32
Period 7: @kdb2bf