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Bear Points

The Bear Point System at Mater Lakes Academy is a merit point system used to track student's conduct during their career as an MLA Bear. These merit points are called Bear Points. The goal of the Bear Point system is to promote accountability among our student population.

Bear Points (merits) are awarded for student’s positive performance and behaviors in school.
Positive behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Achieving the Principal’s Honor Roll
  • Achieving Honor Roll
  • Outstanding student behavior (determined by the school’s administration)
  • Attending certain school-sponsored extracurricular events Attending a detention
Bear Points can also be deducted (demerits) for actions violating school policy.
Examples include:
  • Receiving detention (any kind issued by a teacher, administration or through the school’s tardy policy)
  • Receiving a referral
  • Receiving a suspension
  • Violation of school rules (i.e. uniform violations, electronic confiscations)
Bear Points are tracked throughout the student’s career at Mater Lakes Academy. Once a student has an accumulated total of negative 15 Bear Points or below they will not be able to participate in certain school activities.  The activities students are precluded from participating include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Field trips (determined by the school’s administration)
  • School activities (i.e. senior activities, middle school field day, Homecoming/Prom, student government, etc.)