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The My College Dollars Facebook App integrates the media and messengers that students turn to most for information. It takes advantage of the world’s largest social media platform to meet students where they already spend a lot of time. The app helps them connect with information, guidance and tools that will enable them to make smart decisions about paying for college. The tool is integrated into a larger campaign to encourage college preparation and FAFSA completion, taking place within hundreds of high schools across the country.
To promote the use of My College Dollars, music artists,
actors and athletes will inspire students and inform them about the
My College Dollars:
  • Connects students with the nearly $6 billion in available scholarship aid and $45 billion in federal and state grants.
  • Uses information from a user’s Facebook profile to connect him or her to relevant financial aid opportunities.
  • Features video tutorials from talent and other influential experts on how to get the financial aid students need.
  • Connects to existing social networks for support, guidance and sharing and tracking each other’s progress.
  • Integrates a calendar to help students track important dates and milestones.
  • Features a dynamic “Ask the Experts” FAQ, in which selected user questions will be answered by a panel of experts on a regular basis.