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College Resources
Post secondary studies are expensive. This is why our efforts are aimed at providing a complete and up to date list of opportunities for making money towards obtaining a higher education. The link below outlines the opportunities available for the entire 2010-2011 school year. Students are eligible to participate as soon as the ninth grade. This is especially true for Awards and Contests. However, most scholarships are available for Juniors and Seniors.
Scholarships are given to help pay for college and are usually based on academics, athletics, community service, activities or skills, such as, writing an excellent essay.
The most common sources for scholarship money are:
  • COLLEGES- Students are encouraged to apply early to the college of their choice and become aware of the scholarship opportunities available at those institutions.
  • PRIVATE- Many organizations award college scholarships for different reasons. Most will make them available through our CAP office throughout the year. Some others are available through internet sites or search engines, books found in libraries and bookstores.
  • FLORIDA BRIGHT FUTURES- The State of Florida offers monetary incentives for students wishing to further their academics. Moreover, they require recipients to graduate from a Florida high school and attend a Florida post-secondary education.