Staff Station
As an athletic department, we believe that every single athlete that comes through our high school can bring something unique and special to the table that can greatly benefit them in the future. Every student at Mater Lakes Academy has the opportunity to play a sport at the interscholastic level; subject to the coach’s evaluation of the student-athlete in that specific sport. When becoming part of a team, it is our job and due-diligence as an athletic department to expose those great qualities in every single athlete and help them create ways to use those assets to make a better future for themselves.

In every sport, our coaches are rich in experience and knowledge and it is their duty to pass on that information to all players involved. The assistance that a coach can give an athlete is monumental to their development and can be a determining factor in their growth as an individual. The coaches of every sport in the department must express how important it is to be disciplined and learn how to lead by example. Being a role model at this level helps themselves and the youth surrounded by the student-athlete. This creates a sense of leadership among one another, a quality that is greatly appreciated by many in numerous fields of jobs and careers. Even though winning might be the common goal for a given athletic department, helping the student-athlete grow as an individual is the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of it all. Being able to help with the growth of a young adult is something that us here at Mater Lakes Academy take very seriously and are very proud of. 

The values below are entrenched in the methods that we follow with Mater Lakes Academy Athletics Department:

Attainment: Being able to set your mind on a goal and achieving that goal with perseverance and hard work.

Dedication: Being devoted and enthusiastic about the sport you play and showing awareness in that the only way to get better is to work on your craft day in and day out. Having dedication is what proves to be one of the stepping stones to becoming an elite athlete.

Discipline: As an athlete, always doing the right thing is very important in being successful within sports. Having the right attitude on and off the playing field, respecting coaches and one another, as well as showing good sportsmanship are qualities of good discipline.

Competitiveness: At Mater Lakes Academy, we call it the will to be a BEAR. On the playing surface, we show strength, grit, the will to fight, and strive to be the best.

Integrity: Most importantly, be honest and truthful to yourself. Always have the right attitude and believe in your teammates and yourself.

Creating model citizens and future leaders of the community is our goal. With the help of our coaches and the will of the student-athletes, the future is bright for our Bears.