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All student-athletes must purchase this insurance in order to participate in any sport at the school. Parents must sign the letter as proof of purchase. The claim and policy paper work is here online on
Sports Coverage:
1. We will pay the benefits described In the policy for an accident which occurs while a covered person
a. A regularly scheduled athletic game or competition
b. A practice session for an athletic team or club;
2. Traveling to or from such a game, competition or practice session provided he/she is;
a. Traveling with the athletic team or club; and
b. Under the direct and Immediately supervision
3. Traveling directly, without interruption;
a. Between his/her home for a scheduled game, competition or practice session
b. In a vehicle which Is operated by a properly licensed driver
Please note there is a 30 dav reporting time frame, you must fill out the form provided by your school
administration. The form must be sent to the contacts listed on the cover page. If you should have any
questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Joan Chomsky directly, her contact Information Is
Brian J. Martino, CRIS
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