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Athletic Scholarships are divided into the division school you would like to play at.
They are:
  • D1: Highest athleticism and academic standings. They provide top athletic scholarships and are the most notable of the schools athletics programs.
  • D2: These athletic opportunities are as important as lower ended D1 schools. These programs offer a combination of athletic and academic scholarships and can be the launching point for some students into D1 programs. These schools offer a higher opportunity for incoming freshmen to play and excel academically.
  • D3: There are no athletic scholarships at this level and there are some academic scholarships. These programs are generally at the Junior College Level and could provide maximum playing opportunities and possible player development which could extend to the D1 and D2 programs at a later date.

There are 3 Clearing Houses that students together with their coach should explore to place the information out there:

Five Tips for Athletes applying to Schools:

1. Start Early

2. Get Good Grades (Anything Below a 2.5 unweighted GPA reduces your opportunities)

3. Be proactive (Coaches will not seek you. You have to seek the Coaches)

4. Expand Your Options 5. Ask a lot of Questions