Staff Station
The athletic department here at Mater Lakes Academy is a staple in the community as well as a key part in the educational system for many student-athletes in the area. The word “sports” is very powerful in this day-and-age just because of what it represents. To many students’ sports is a career, a profession, and even possibly a future. If taken with the right discipline and work ethic, sports can become a monumental life-changing endeavor. I define a successful interscholastic athletic program not by how many wins we obtain, or by how many banners we may raise in our gym, but by how many student-athletes we put into different colleges and universities via scholarships. The idea of knowing you impacted a student-athletes life in a positive way and giving them an opportunity for the future, is reward enough for me. The banners may bring individual team praise, but what matters is each and every individual that makes up the department. The idea of molding a young man or woman’s mind for the betterment of their life is an exciting feat to accomplish. You impact lives on a daily basis; whether it is coaching, mentoring, or teaching an individual something, the reward is far greater than anything imaginable. I look forward to impacting every student-athlete possible with these core values and qualities that my department and I will bring to the table. 

Go Bears!