Staff Station
Mr. Godersi Alonso
I am Mr. Alonso and I am so happy to meet all of you. This year will be great for all of us, and I am excited to learn and grow together.

Some fun facts: I was born in Cuba and began teaching as soon as I graduated from chemical engineering in 1992. Later in 2009 I came to the United States to give my family a wonderful life. I have taught math and science for more than 16 years and I love it more than anything.

I am also a father to two amazing boys (Jardy(22) and Jonnathan(16)) and I have been married for 26 years to my wife, Nurelys. When I am not teaching I enjoy spending quality time with my family and my cat Lola.

My Favorites

Food: Anything seafood
Movie: Jurrasic Park
Season: Spring
Vacation: Anywhere outside Hialeah, I love to travel and visit new places.
Animal: Cats