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Besides an above grade point average, testing scores are a strong predictor for college admissions. Preparation is key to getting higher scores. Colleges discriminate amongst application based on test scores.
SAT I (Scholastic Assessment Test) - Generally taken during the Junior and Senior year. Students receive a Critical Reading, Math and Writing score, ranging from 200 to 800 each for a total maximum score of 2400.
ACT (American College Test) - Generally taken during the Junior and Senior year. Students receive scores in English, Reading, Math, Writing and Science Reasoning, with a maximum score of 36.
NOTE: We strongly recommend students take both, the SAT and ACT, to have a better chance at getting the scores they need in order to avoid taking remedial courses and getting admissions acceptance to the college of choice. Both tests are weighted equally by college admissions. However, students are bound to perform better in one over the other.
SAT Subject Tests - Designed to measure student's knowledge within a specific subject. Some, not all colleges, require these tests.
COLLEGE PLACEMENT TEST (CPT or Accuplacer) - Used primarily for entry into 2 year community colleges. Developed by the College Board to provide information about the level of skill accomplishment in Reading, English and Math required for success at the college level. The scores may be waived by SAT/ ACT scores and FCAT scores. These tests are administered by Miami Dade College and may be taken at any of their eight campuses. Mater Lakes Academy also arranges to take students to have the CPT administered as part of the CAP program.

PRACTICE SAT TEST---SEPTEMBER 26th at Michael Krop Senior High School
Kaplan Practice SAT test will be held at Michael Krop Senior High in the Krop cafeteria. This test is sponsored by Krop PTSA and is open to all students from all schools that would like to attend. A $10.00 donation will be collected at the door the morning upon check in. Please remember to print and present your registration receipt at the door on the day of the test.


The New PSAT is fast approaching! Students will have lots of questions about all the changes as the test approaches. To help students at your school walk into the PSAT feeling prepared and confident, Kaplan is hosting free last-minute prep for the New PSAT. Our Cram Sessions for the New PSAT are intensive, 90-minute online classes taught by expert Kaplan instructors. They are packed with the most important material to boost students’ scores on every section of the New PSAT.

SENIOR NIGHT PRESENTATION --- (please see attachment at the bottom of the page)