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Parent Organizations

A PTSO is a nonprofit volunteer organization where PARENTS, TEACHERS and STUDENTS work together as a TEAM to ensure educational excellence for the school and the community.  

A PTSO has been created at MATER LAKES ACADEMY in order to promote and enrich the educational environment for the students and the teachers and to be used to enrich the community.

The prime objective of the MLA PTSO is to generate funds for the school. One hundred percent of the profits generated by the PTSO benefit the school. Under the leadership of the Principal, funds will be distributed for specific needs presented by the staff, teachers and/or administrators.

OUR MISSION: To work towards fostering relationships among the school, parents and teachers and meeting the emotional, social and academic needs of our children (The Leaders of Tomorrow).

PTSO IN ACTION: Did you know that the PTSO provided most of the snacks given out to the students during FCAT and AP Testing last school year? The need was expressed by the administration and the MLA PTSO bridged the gap with a solution. 

JOIN TODAY: Remember that 100% of the financial support we receive goes to benefit the students and the school. Please consider joining us by completing the membership form and letting us know how you would like to be involved!