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Boys Varsity Soccer Wins District Championship

Congratulations to Boys Soccer as they became Back to Back District Champions!

Names as pictured:


Third Row: Coach Orlando Zapata, Jahn Juarez, Enrique Pineda, Gabriel Mourra, Christian Tejeda, Christian Valdivia, Alex Fonseca, Jayden Bernal, Santiago Velasco, Andres Betancourt, Alejandro Suarez, Giuseppe Festa, Sebastian Lago, Eduardo Alvarado, Andres Gutierrez, Emmanuel Ramirez, Coach Alan Perez

Middle Row (Second Row): Jose Pascual, Ayden Cardozo, Luis Lozano

First Row (Bottom Row): Luis Silva, Javier Sosa, Justin Suarez, Giulio Commentucci, Anthony Zamora, Adrian Canepa, Jordan Menendez


Absent: Managers Amari and Naya Martinez, Goalkeeper Nicholas Vela

Who did the team defeat to win the district title? Mater Lakes Defeated Hialieah-Miami Lakes with a score of 2-0.

Name of the district: District 4A-D15

Team's Record: The Mater Lakes Boys have a total record of 16-4 for the 2019-2020 season

How many district titles the team won and years?  The team has won two district titles in it's entire history, Last year season 2018-2019 and this year 2019-2020.

Opponents for Regional action? We will face Cardinal Gibbons for the regional Quarter Finals, in Region 2 of Florida class 4A.