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Updated Neighborhood Pass Zone


West border - 91st court
South border - 170th street
North border - 185th street
East border - 88th avenue

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In order to qualify for the Neighborhood Pass, you must live West of NW 88th Ave and between NW 170th Street in the south and NW 185th street in the north.  This is the neighborhood west of the school and the pass is ONLY to leave from the west or back exit of our campus (89th ave).

If you live east of the school, or on 87th place or east thereof, you do NOT need a neighborhood pass.  You are allowed to leave from the front of the school without a pass or without having to wait.

This pass is for students who WALK home only!!!!
Any student being picked up by car must do so inside our campus or on the east side of our school where a pass is not required.  Any student seen walking out of our west exit and being picked up by any vehicle will forfeit their neighborhood pass priveledges.