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MLA SGA Ranked Gold at FASC

Mater Lakes SGA wins 3 trophies and ranked gold level school at FASC.

The Florida Association of Student Councils hosts a state level convention every year in which schools from different districts get the chance to build upon student leadership, school activities, networking, and project competitions. SGA goes beyond just organizing and running events, members also have to document and evaluate these events hosted at their schools. Miami Dade County Public Schools are a part of district 6 for FASC.

When it comes to the competition part of FASC, medallion council and project books are submitted at convention. Medallion books are judged by how many school events/meetings occur at your school in comparison of your school population. Schools as a result to their medallion council books can be ranked gold, silver, or bronze. As for the project books, it is one project that get documented by a specific category. There are ten categories in FASC such as faculty and staff relations, community service, and school spirit. Books are judged by a rubric that includes evaluation of the information on the project forms and the supporting documents provided. Books can only place first, second, or third per category out of at least 15 books minimum submitted from schools overall.

Mater Lakes Academy High is a proud member of district 6 in FASC. We are one of five that are the only Academica charter schools to be a part of FASC in Miami Dade County.  MLA SGA participated in the FASC convention of March 1st -3rd in Boca Raton Community High School along with 98 other schools. It was three days filled with workshops, meetings, activities, and competition. MLA SGA is proud to list their weekend accomplishments at FASC:

Mater Lakes Academy High School: Medallion Council Gold Rank, 2nd Place Fundraising, 3rd Place Faculty and Staff Relations, 3rd Place Community Service, District 6 Secretary School