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Spanish for Speakers 3 Honors Per.1 (Period 1)

Location: 513
Code: F13

This course is designed for heritage learners of Spanish who bring strong proficiency and literacy skills in Spanish, as well as for those who have completed Spanish for Native Speakers I. The recommended entrance requirement for the Spanish for Native Speakers II is the Intermediate-High level of proficiency in listening comprehension on the ACTFL scale, and Intermediate-Mid level of proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking. This course focuses on the development of advanced communicative competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening and viewing, as well as on understanding Hispanic cultures and issues of identity of heritage speakers of Spanish in the United States. Students will also continue to develop awareness and understanding of Hispanic cultures, including language variation, customs, geography, history, and current events.
During this course, students will gain proficiency in using Spanish in increasingly complex ways to express thoughts on social and academic themes, interact with other speakers of the language, understand oral and written messages, make oral and written presentations, reflect on language variation, and critically view and evaluate media resources and web sites. Students will be able to understand material presented on a variety of topics related to contemporary events and issues in Hispanic communities. Because heritage speakers of Spanish students may have widely varying educational backgrounds, the teachers adjust the vocabulary and content of this course to reflect developmentally appropriate interests. The integration of technology is an important tool in accessing Spanish resources and materials that reinforce the acquisition of academic language.

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