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AP French Language and Culture (Period 2)

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Cours AP Français Langue et Culture

The AP French Language and Culture course objective is to have students become proficient in reading, writing, speaking and listening, in preparation for the AP French Language Exam. Students will also be able to enrich their cultural knowledge and experience with the Francophone world through a comparison with their own cultural experience. The practice of interpersonal, interpretive and presentational communicative skills is developed through six themes: Global Challenges, Families and Communities, Personal and Public Identities, Beauty and Aesthetics, Science and Technology and finally, Contemporary Life. The AP French Language and Culture course is conducted entirely in French. This course is open to all interested students with the expectation that they have a basic knowledge of French language and Francophone cultures through prior appropriate sequence of study or equivalent experience. This course uses authentic materials and resources from francophone websites and publications. Students are expected to take the AP French Language Exam at the end of this course.

Primary textbooks and sources- grammar and thematic studies 
• Ladd, Richard. Allons au-delà. Pearson Publishing, 2012 (ISBN 9780133175370).
• Une Fois pour toutes. Pearson/Longman, 1992 (ISBN 9780133611236).
• Face à face. Vista Higher Learning, 2011 (ISBN 9781605762579).
• Coursaget, Catherine and Micheline Myers. Breaking the French Barrier- Advanced. John Conner, editor. 2009 (ISBN 0971281742).
• University of Texas Language Institute Grammar-
• Grammar Practice Website
• Grammar Practice website
For AP Exam practice
• Ladd, Richard. AP French: Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination. Pearson Publishing, 2011. (ISBN 9780133175370).

Supplementary Reading

Articles for Authentic material from various French newspaper and journal websites :
• Le Nouvel Observateur
• Le Monde
• Le Monde diplomatique
• Le Figaro
• Le Point
• L’Express
• Le Canard enchaîné
• François
• Le Journal Français d’Amérique
• Paris-Match
Listening Practice:

News clips from various French TV and Radio websites 

• TV5 (le Journal and Sept jours sur la planète) :
• Télévision Française 1 : (fiches pédagogiques)
• Radio France :
• France 2 :
• Radio Canada :
• Radio Belge :
• Radio Outre Mer :
• Radio Moyen Orient : www.rmc-mo
• BBC French Language :
• Current francophone music and music videos from YouTube.

Ressources pour écrire le COURRIEL

Site pour créer des conversations

Des ressources pour la grammaire sur Internet

Ça peut servir - conjuguer un verbe
Conjugaison verbale
Langue française: les informations et les conseils d'Orthonet
Exercices interactifs - Swarthmore
La grammaire de l'absurde

Theme based list of resources!!

Theme based site w/ links to the 6 themes - A great site by Guy Vandenbroucke!
Civilisation francaise site (SUNY Cortland) variety of themes w/ audio & video
BBC "Le Mensuel" - themed videos

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