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Class Name: Anatomy & Physiology
Teacher: Jennifer Paez
Location: 350
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Due: Mar 17
Hello Period 1-

Please use the code below to add yourself to the Period 1 Google Classroom:


Shortly, You will see an assignment on there that is for the Muscular/Skeletal Powerpoints. Please upload your Powerpoint into the folder of the assignment by this Wednesday, 3/18. The grade will count towards 4th quarter.

Also, when you create an account, please use your name, and not a nickname or other silly name so that I will know it is you.

I will be available to meet through Zoom videoconferencing every weekday between 9-30 am. Please log on tomorrow, Tuesday at 9 am so that I can show you how to use the functions of Google Classroom and explain how we will run the course from now on. It is mandatory that you log on tomorrow at 9 am. 

Here is my Zoom Conference ID: 6012154179

Go to:

Please email me if you have any questions . My email is or

Talk to you soon!

Due: Mar 13
See attached Guidelines for Powerpoint Presentation on a Muscular or Skeletal Disease

Due: Feb 3
Click on link below to get info about the Forensics Project.

For Part 1: Click on the blue links to the articles and answer the questions below each question. You can copy and paste the questions on to a word document.

To get to part 2, click on " Proceed to Section 2- The Crime Scene" at the bottom.

For Part 2:
You need to:
1) Reconstruct the 4 bone sets into skeletons and label the major bones on each- Paste the reconstructred skeletons onto a copy paper or construction paper.
2) Provide evidence sheet with proof of how you determined
a. gender
b. height (include the formula)
c. age ( whether over 35 or under 35)
d. your opinion of the Forensic artists's depiction and if it matches your identified skeletons
Lastly: include the names of the Identified Missing persons.

Here's the link:
Due: Jan 24
Due: Jan 8
Open up Midterm Review- You can complete this in your notebook or on a separate sheet of paper - or type it up. Due Wednesday

Due: 11/5/2019
See Guidelines for Cell Organelle Presentation attached

Due: 10/22/2019
Organic Molecules Testing Lab

Please refer to attached lab report format***

***You need to do all parts listed on the format.

For Data: Write up a data table using the lab results

These are the analysis questions: 

1) People with diabetes are instructed to avoid foods rich in carbohydrates. How could your observations in this investigation help you decide whether a food should be served to a person with diabetes?

2) Your brown lunch bag has a large, translucent spot on the bottom. What explanation can you give for this occurrence?

3) What conclusion could you make if the distilled water tested positive for any of the organic compounds tested in this lab? 

Due: 10/21/2019
Test on Biochem topics- bonding, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins. Refer to all notes and handouts given in class.

Due: 10/10/2019
Download document below. 
Read the lab procedures and answer the following questions in your notebook: 

1. What color do starches turn in the presence of iodine? 
2. What color does Benedict's solution change to in the presence monosaccharides when heated(from blue to ______________) ? 
3. What color change is expected when Biuret solution is added to a substance containing proteins? 
4. Why is it important to wash test tubes thoroughly? 
5. What is the purpose of using distilled water as one of the test substances? 

Due: 10/7/2019
Quiz on Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins structure and function. Study your notes and handouts! 

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