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Class Name: Health Science 2
Teacher: Nicolas Wydra
Location: 136
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Due: Today
Good afternoon Boys & Girls,

Thank you to those of you who have sent your work to my email. A bigger thanks to those who sent me one email in PDF format, as it is easier for me to save. I know this is all new to us but please pay close attention to the following rules:

1) Send me 1 Email per assignment not 100 (insert sarcasm)
2) Please label all work appropriately & place subject & period that you are in.
3) Please take clear pictures with your phone and convert to PDF prior to sending.
4) Please follow directions
5) If you are still lost please refer to steps 1-4. Thanks
Due: Tomorrow
Chapter #15 Test & Workbook Due

The test will be open from 8 am to 6 pm on 4/1 for A- Day & 4/2 for B-Day

If you took the test already please take it again. Thanks
Due: Apr 24
Pandemic Research Project Rules on How To Properly Complete & DUE DATE

Answer the following questions in your own words.

1) What is a pandemic?
2) When did the worlds first pandemic occur? and what was it?and what were the lasting affects of it on society at the time?

The Questions above should be answered in a 2 page essay like response. Nothing Less.

Next portion of project is 4 pages not including reference & title page in MLA format.

1) What exactly is the Corona-virus aka "COVID-19" in detail according to research out there today.
2) Where did the corona-virus start, how and why is it so easily spread.
3) Who discovered what the corona-virus was? Who blew the whistle on the corona-virus and where is he or she at today?
4) List 10 Facts about the corona-virus
5) List 3 False rumors currently out there
6) Based on your research what do you think the future holds for this virus and future of other possible pandemics.
7) Do you think we the United States were properly prepared?
8) What do you think about the sacrifice of the healthcare workers during this pandemic?
9) Currently there are people working on a cure/treatment/vaccine to combat the corona-virus, how long does it take for studies to be accomplished and the treatment to be put out to the people?

In the end this project should be put in chronological order with all the questions above answered and your references and/or resources cited on the references page.

This project is worth 4 grades for the project & 4 grades for the online presentation.