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Class Name: Biology P2
Teacher: Elizabeth Kemper
Location: 340
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Due: 10/7/2019
Test on Cellular Structures and their functions. Study notes, plant/animal/bacteria cell windows. The picture of the plant cell will definitely be on there. Know the organelle functions.

Due: 10/7/2019
1. Study for Test on Cells.
2. Cell Structures and Functions PPT handout due.

Due: 9/24/2019
Study for Test on pH and Enzymes.
Periods 4 and 6: test is on Friday
Period 2: test is on Tuesday
Periods 3 and 5: test is on Monday

Due: 9/6/2019
Complete Macromolecules Notes using pictures I gave you in class.

Due: 8/28/2019
Please write Water Notes (1 page) into your notebook.

Due: 8/22/2019
Nature of Science Notes due Thursday for A day and Friday for B day.