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Homework Due
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Class Name: 6th Grade ELA Advanced
Teacher: Rachel Castellon
Location: Portable 13
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Due: Tomorrow
Online submissions not permitted.
B Day Monday, March 30th

Bell Ringer #1:
Pretend you want to attend a school dance, but you know that there is a huge possibility your parents will say you can't go. Write a brief plea to your parents in which you attempt to persuade them to let you attend it. (Write all bell ringers in a word doc labeling each by date and number).

Class Assignment:
1) SB Thinking about Persuasion #1-4 (complete on digital springboard)
2) Read SB "Student Letter" (complete on digital springboard)

Homework Assignment:
Answer SB Text Depen Questions 1-6- Due Thursday, April 2nd. (complete on digital springboard)