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Class Name: Civics (Regular Per. 5)
Teacher: Erika Fernandes
Location: 131
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Due: Dec 16 (Mon)
Chapter 9 Study Guide due the day of the test. Please notice test date, I am posting in case students would like to go ahead.

Due: Dec 16 (Mon)
REMINDER! - Please print the following attachment and bring it to class by required date for a grade. PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE THE PACKET, BRING IT BLANK WITH YOUR NAME ON THE TOP. It can be double sided or single sided. You may turn in this packet at anytime before the required due date. Please do not leave it until last minute and forget.

Thank you!

Due: Dec 20
Free homework pass opportunity: Our class is in need of supplies. Student's may bring 1 new item from the following list to receive a free homework pass. 1 homework pass per student. Please make sure to put your name and class period on the item.

Blue/Black Pens
Red Pens
Lined Paper Packs
Hand Sanitizer
Cleaning Spray