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Homework Due
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Class Name: French 1
Teacher: Nadjet Quaddani
Location: 511
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Due: Dec 16 (Mon)
Online submissions not permitted.

Projet: J’aime & Je n’aime pas…d activités



  1. Choose FIVE ACTIVITIES/SPORTS you and your friends like to do (use 5 different subjects): J’aime…Elles adorent...Vous préférez....Julie et Jean aiment...
  2. Choose FIVE ACTIVITIES/SPORTS you and your friends do not like to do (use 5 different subjectsLuc n’aime pas…Ils n’aiment pas...Tu n’aimes pas...
  3. Find pictures or clip arts that represent those TEN activities.  You can take pictures of yourself or others doing those activities OR draw pictures OR cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, etc.
  4. Make a POSTER
  5. Write in French a sentence saying if you like or dislike the activity AND complete the sentence with a picture showing the activity or sport
  6. Prepare yourself to present orally and in FRENCH in front of the class those sentences with your poster


  • Make sure to check with Mrs. Quaddani that your words and grammar are accurate with no spelling mistakes.