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Homework Due
Departments » Math » Period 4: 7th Grade Math » Homework Due
Class Name: Period 4: 7th Grade Math
Teacher: Arlene Lyons
Location: 1
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Due: Tomorrow
-iReady (2 lessons) completed by Sunday midnight (pass each lesson with a 70% or higher) 
ALWAYS work on the ASSIGNED lessons FIRST as it pertains to topics being covered in class and will help you review 

-MathXL (all MathXL assignment must be completed in your SECOND composition notebook for my class, make sure to write the title and date of the MathXL assignments and SHOW ALL WORK/Explain for full credit) LATE MATHXL assignments will automatically have 20 points taken off (let me know when you have complete done late in order for me to update the grade book) 
  • Solve Two Step Equations due SAT 1/18
  • Solve Inequalities by Additions and Subtractions (started in class) due WED 1/22
  • Solve Inequalities by Multiplication and Division due WED 1/22