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Class Name: English III
Teacher: Michelle Alonso
Location: 231
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Due: Apr 17
Hi everyone!

First of all, please remember not to panic about this situation but to take the limited socialization seriously. The reason things are shutting down is so that we can give our hospitals and nurses the opportunity to treat those people who most need it by preventing the rapid spread of this virus. Stay indoors, watch television (and send me some recommendations while we're at it).

Second, class is still on and assignments are still due whether or not you participate. How will you turn in said assignments? Easy, Google Classroom!

Here are your Google Classroom codes:
Periods 1 & 4: 6vyogyd
Periods 6 & 7: 3ncvwni
Periods 2, 3, 5: jkmrpx4

You must create/use your GMAIL address to log into
We will be able to communicate on there, turn in assignments, and post discussions. I expect that you will keep up with this and your NoRedInk assignments as if nothing is happening. I know I will be plugging in the grades regardless.

You are also required to sign up for Remind 101. These are the codes (in case you forgot).

AP LANG: @alonsoap
REGULAR/HONORS: @alonsomla

PS: Do not email me to beg me to raise your grades. The answer is no and would have been no in person. If you earned a B, you earned it and so on and so forth.

I will send you messages as more details become available. Best to you all & stay safe!