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Class Name: AP Psychology
Teacher: Nathalie Bello
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Due: Jan 23 (Thu)
here is the unit 5 Progress check that we didn't get to finish in class either taking or reviewing. Please review on your own. You might see ti show up again later hint hint

Due: Jan 23 (Thu)
Ch 5 test corrections are due for those of you who didn't pass. Make sure to underline the clue in the question, connect it with the answer and write an explanation/definition of the answer

Due: Tomorrow
Here are the notes and power points for ch 6. Please come prepared to class with 5 steps to 5. don't forget to do vocabulary from textbook also

Due: Jan 8
test on Wednesday for 1 and 6 and test on Thursday for 3, 5, 7 on all chapters so far including ch 5 . here are some more notes if you want to see them

Due: Jan 6
here is your winter assignment that some asked me to upload.

1) highlight, take notes on the side of the page in your five steps to five book, answer the questions for each chapter and if you get them wrong explain why the right answer is correct for all the chapters (1-7, except for 6 the learning chapter) we have gone over in your five steps to five. so that is history, research, biology, sensation and perception, sleeping/altered
states, and cognition. That should be up to chapter 11 in your book except for ch 10.
2) read ch 5
3) do the vocabulary words for ch 5
4) write notes for ch 5: make your own or copy the outline on pg 123-125 of five steps to five AND WRITE THE THREE CHARTS I have uploaded.

OPTIONAL extra credit. * complete ch 5 worksheets. remember there is not partial credit. it has to be all completed -18 pages.

Due: 12/18/2019
STUDY FOR CH 4 TEST!!! here is your practice test. Don't forget your College Board test too which is requred.

TEST for 1, 3, 5, 7 is Wednesday. Test for A day 6th period is Thursday.

Due: 12/2/2019
Here is all the notes and worksheets for chapter 4. It's a BIG chapter!!!! Please have all notes written before I lecture (December 2) so we don't waste time waiting for people to write notes and we can have more time to watch brain game clips connected to the lesson.

Also there are A LOT of VOCAB words so use your time wisely. They will be due December 9 and 10. Do 7 at a time and study!

Also there are A LOT of Worksheets!!! 23 pages!!! Do them as we learn so you don't become overwhelmed!!!

Due: 11/15/2019
here is the voluntary Practice test for ch 7. Remember the college AP online test is NOT OPTIONAL and it is due the night before the test. The test for ch 7 is Friday November 15 for B day (1, 3, 5, 7) and Monday November 18 for A day (6th). DO NOT STUDY FOR MODULE 36! It is the one about Language! WE will do that in the developmental chapter of how we develop language!

Due: 11/8/2019
MAKE UP TEST CH 3 on Friday November 8 for B day and on Tuesday November 11 for A day.

Also Test for ch 7 has been moved! Friday 15 for B day and Monday 18 for A day

Due: 11/1/2019
Everything for ch 7 . power points and worksheets. FLASH CARDS DUE ON TUESDAY October 29 for everyone except period 6 due Wednesday 30

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