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Class Name: AP Psychology
Teacher: Nathalie Bello
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Due: Tomorrow
Hi Guys. here is a video and a word document describing the changes for the AP test that we know so far. I think this is good news for us, but we will have to practice a lot on FRQs.

Due: Tomorrow
Here are two videos. First one if for the first theories of motivation (instinct/evolution, drive reduction, incentive, and arousal theories) and the other one is a youtube video on maslows hierarchy of needs. Remember to finish reviewing the last power points, slides 22-26, that describe maslow's hierarchy of needs. Remember that the modern triangle adds another level. The original triangle ends with you reaching your full potential (self-actualization). The modern one describes the few people in this word (Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King) that reach spiritual fulfillment, going beyond one's self to reach the higher purpose of life (self-transcendence). Also remember that the critique of Maslow is that some people are willing to go on a hunger strike or put themselves at safety risk to achieve certain social goals, so not being motivated to fulfill the first levels of the hierarchy of needs triangle (phyiological or safety needs) and collectivist cultures are not motivated for self-actualization as described by Maslow.


Due: Mar 31 (Tue)
Hi Guys, so i'm having difficulty with videos today (the system is hit or miss ;( but I don't want you guys falling behind) but these youtube videos do a really good job. Watch these Videos in order! Also some of the modules aren't opening so I uploaded the old books power points. Watch the videos with the book or power points open (follow along for easy learning). Lastly, I included a picture of the hunger hormones you need to know. If you watch the videos, read your 5 steps to 5 (pages 1662-166), and know the information in your review sheet for modules 38 (hunger) 39 (sex) and 40 (affiliation and achievement) pages 408-430, I can focus on any questions you have and module 41 when we get back next week.