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Class Name: Algebra 1 Honors
Teacher: Lourdes Sotolongo
Location: 121
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Due: Jan 22 (Wed)
8th grade: No i-Ready this week! We will continue with i-Ready next week. 

If you did not complete today's classwork, finish for homework. It will be a grade.
​​​​​​​(I uploaded it to this page)

Next week, you will be pop quizzed on:
- Point Slope Form
- Slope Intercept Form
- Standard Form
Make sure to memorize the formulas and what each part represents! 

Due: Jan 13 (7 days ago)
Slope/Constant Rate of Change Review
Due: Monday 1/13/20

8th graders: Use this week to catch up on any i-Ready lessons missing. Remember I told you BEFORE and AFTER the break how many to complete. 

Due: Jan 13 (7 days ago)
Next class, we will be having a Slope Mini Test as discussed in class. Make sure to review your notes and complete the Math XL as review for the assessment. 

I uploaded the Algebra Nation extra credit instructions on this page for you to complete up to 10% extra credit on the assessment. 

Due: Jan 12
Winter Break Assignment: 
MathXL: Winter Break Assignment (Due January 12)

Use the winter break to make up any missing i-Ready lessons or MathXL!

8th graders: Remember you have 2 i-Ready lessons due this Sunday, 12/22
And only 2 to complete for all of Winter Break (Due 1/5)!

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Due: 12/12/2019
Today's homework assignment is a new MathXL (Functions Review) which is due this Friday, 12/13.
**Ignore the MathXL titled "December Diagnostic" that is only for 9th grade students in class**

Next class, Thursday 12/12, we will have a Functions Quiz!

NO I-READY LESSONS THIS WEEK ONLY since we will be taking the diagnostic assessment next class. 

Due: 12/9/2019

Math XL: Relations/Functions and Inequalities Review
Due: Monday, 12/9/19

Rip out and bring the following HMH (Volume 1) pages for next class: 105-114, and 127-136

​​​​​​​8th Grade: At least two i-Ready lessons due Sunday!

Due: 11/21/2019
B-Day only: 

I uploaded the Inequalities Review for tomorrow's assessment. Due to it being uploaded a little late, I will not be giving it a "Study Guide" grade as usual. However, it will a 5% extra credit on the assessment if completed with work shown. 

Due: 11/19/2019
From the HMH Algebra 1 Volume 1 book, rip out pages 115-136; we will be working on these next week. 

Due: 11/13/2019
Today's homework: 
MathXL: Inequalities (will also include some equations)
Due Wednesday: 11/13

(Period 3: We will finish the classwork during bell ringer time next class)

2 i-Ready lessons due Sunday! If you did not do 2 last week, make up for it this week!

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Due: 11/8/2019
As mentioned in class, you have the opportunity to retake the quiz on Equations, Literal Equations, and Proportions. 
In order to retake, you must complete the attached document in which you will correct the questions you got wrong and provide an explanation as to WHY you got it wrong. This is NOT your retake, this is what you have to turn in to be given the retake. These retake tickets are due Friday, 11/8. If you did not receive your quiz back last class, you will be receiving it tomorrow in order to fill out the "Retake ticket"

Today's homework, print out the Quarter 1 Test Review also attached. You will need to bring this for Friday's class for data chats. 

i-Ready due Sunday!

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