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Homework Due
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Class Name: 6th Grade
Teacher: Nancy Rodriguez
Location: 11
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Due: Today
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Either print out or copy the vocabulary sentences below in your vocab. notebook.  We will review answers next class

Due: 2/18 or 2/19 depends when you have class

I am not providing words.  Use your definitions to figure out the answers.
************* Vocabulary Test - Thursday 2/20 or 2/21**********
                    Depends when you have class!

Sentences: part 2  
11. ______________________ about the future was the immigrant’s greatest concern.  
12. The tiger was about to ___________________________ its victim when the zookeeper stepped between them.  
13. The generals agreed to _______________________________ their forces for the invasion.  
14. That thief is a _____________________________ from justice.  
15. History shows that powerful nations tend to ______________________ weaker ones.  
16. Excepting a ______________________________ raise in salary, the employee put a down payment on a new car.  
17. _______________________ about the future was the immigrant's’ greatest concern.  
18. A model needs to have a _______________________ smile in order to advertise toothpaste.  
19. The dog’s eyes seemed to ____________________________me for an extra helping of dinner.  
20. Please don’t ________________________________ with our baggage.