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Class Name: Comprehensive Science 1- Period 6
Teacher: Andrea Avila
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Due: Apr 8 (Wed)
Online submissions not permitted.
Please take a picture after you finished writing the Chapter 11 Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 Vocabulary and use the Google Classroom app to submit your work on the phone with the picture.

This will be graded.

Due: Yesterday
Online submissions not permitted.
Hi Students,

Your classwork/homework for this week is Gizmos "Osmosis". Please complete all the questions in the attachment below which is the word document that you can type your answers in and save. I also added the vocabulary sheet for your convenience in case you need it.

ALL HOMEWORK IS NOW GOING TO BE SUBMITTED IN YOUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM, Please login to your Google Classroom with the code provided. Click on the new assignment posted and then you have the option to click "add or create" then click file and Turn In your work. 

I will be reviewing in class Monday and Tuesday how to submit your work on Google Classroom.

See you next week!

Due: Mar 30 (5 days ago)
Online submissions not permitted.
Hi students,

Administration has requested that all students be visible when attending your virtual classes on Zoom so that means if you don't have a camera on your computer then you need to be logging into your classes on the cell phone with the Zoom app. Additionally, you need to be appropriately dressed and not laying down in bed.

See you all next week! :)
Please remember to sign up for your google classroom with the code posted.

Thank you,
Mrs. Avila

Due: Mar 29 (6 days ago)
Online submissions not permitted.
Hi Students,
Please see attached is the new schedule for Monday (there�s an added 5 minutes in between classes)
Please also see attached is the Rules and Etiquette by MLA that are expected for class or you will be removed from the class. You must be visible so sign in with your phone if you don�t have a computer/iPad camera. Do not lay in bed. You must be sitting up.
Make sure to have paper and pencil available for note taking etc.

Due: Mar 21
Online submissions not permitted.
Hi Students,
Please go to Google (or you can go to the actual app)
Type Google Classroom
Click and once you go in click on the plus sign to JOIN A CLASS
Type the code for your class to join.
We will be using Google Classroom when we get back from Spring Break for submitting assignments etc. You will be getting a participation grade for signing up ? Please use your real first and last name, not a nickname or you will not be accepted.
Period 1: ct4hlus
Period 2: jkkibwj
Period 4: lo7v3fw
Period 5: tbnvpv5
Period 6: 3q7qeh2
Period 7: 7smwpdj

Thank you!
Due: Mar 20
Online submissions not permitted.
Please log into the online textbook and make sure you can get in. If you see a black screen pop up that says you need to download adobe flash player then do NOT click on where it says �here�. It does not work. You have to click on the actual sentence for the download to start.
Do not put www.
Just type
User: 6Student6
Password: 6Student6

MAKEUPS: Students who got kicked out of the system during the Ch 10 Quiz on Kahoot or arrived late, will have the opportunity to join my ZOOM class on Friday @ 12pm (tomorrow) to retake the quiz with me live.
Due: Mar 20
Good Afternoon Students here is your Classwork Notification,

For the week of 3/17-3/20 you will have 1 Gizmos to complete as classwork from home. You will have this Gizmo as your first grade of the new grading period so please make sure you do it. I have attached the Word document here so you can simply type the answers into it and save and submit it. I will be allowing this work to be submitted to me directly by email. (THIS IS THE EMAIL FOR HOMEWORK) Please include your Full Name and Period in the SUBJECT.

1st Gizmos is "Cell Energy Cycle" and the word document is attached here. (For the Monday and Tuesday classes). (4 pages)

Please email me with any questions
Please make an account on ZOOM webconferencing app. It works on the laptops/computers and phones. I will contact you soon with the dates and times I will be on and that you need to be on for attendance.

Talk soon! :)

Due: Mar 19
Online submissions not permitted.
Please make sure you have a KAHOOT account made for tomorrow and Fridays activity.

Thank you!
Due: Mar 16
Online submissions not permitted.
Please look at the new Bell Schedule listed on the Mater Lakes homepage and I also attached it here. You will need to login on time to each period based on the new Bell Schedule times for Attendance and TYPE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME so that your teachers know who you are or it can mess up your attendance. 

This week we will be logging into Zoom for practice and to answer any questions you may have. All your teachers are posting assignments to complete at home this week. Check the homework page. Instruction and lecturing lessons will not happen this week. That will be for after spring break in the new grading period IF we still are closed. Remember that attending your virtual school classes daily is just as important as always or you will be accumulating absences. You can enter the ZOOM with just your cell phone, it works on the APP.

SO HOMEWORK FOR TONIGHT is to SIGNUP for ZOOM and starting tomorrow you will use my class code to JOIN A MEETING during the class period time you usually have me  but you need to look at the new times on the new Bell Schedule attached. We are starting with B day tomorrow and then continuing as normal with A Day Wednesday.

Mrs. Avila's ZOOM Code:  9528640272
(Every teacher has a different code to get in their class)

As previously posted on Mater Lakes "Classes and Homework" section, the only work you have due to me this week is the Gizmos Cell Energy Cycle. You must complete the Gizmos with the Word document I attached in the Homework and type your answers to all 4 pages and EMAIL IT TO: 
 Please include your Full Name and Period in the SUBJECT.

See you soon at Virtual Zoom School :)
Stay Safe Everyone and Wash your hands :)

Due: Mar 16
Online submissions not permitted.
Please go to and sign into your online textbook and make sure you can login with
user: 6Student6
password: 6Student6

HINT: The S in Student must be capitalized

Your homework is to simply login and click into chapters and lessons and practice how to access your ebook.

Thank you!
Mrs. Avila
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