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Class Name: Comprehensive Science 1- Period 6
Teacher: Andrea Avila
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Due: Mar 10
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Cells Model Project

Required materials:
Poster board (22x28 inches AT MOST) no bigger than this size please

Suggested materials:
Coloring Pencils
Any other materials needed to make the model of a cell

You can Google for ideas and examples as well.

You will be making a model of a cell (Either a Plant Cell or Animal Cell, depending what is assigned to you).

The model can be 3D but it has to be pasted onto the poster board (like the example I showed in class)
o I will not be accepting any foam spheres or models unattached to the poster board, since I have no place to store them)

The 3D model must include:
o The required organelles
o A label for each organelle

The poster board must include:
The Title
A description and function of EACH organelle

Model: will be based on completion and neatness
o Completion is worth 10 points (organelles + labels)
o Neatness is worth 5 points
o Creativity is worth 5 points

o Accuracy of information (each organelles is labeled with its function and description) is worth 20 points
o Neatness is worth 5 points
o Creativity is worth 5 points
Total points = 50 points

****Make sure the model is attached onto the poster board, otherwise the model will not be accepted***