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Class Name: Forensic Science
Teacher: Khalid Hamdan
Location: 332
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Due: Yesterday
Hey guys, Google Classroom is set up. So make sure you sign up to google classrooms in the PROPER periods. Each specific period has a code.

Period 1:nhqyyxy

Period 2:ka65eup

Period 4:4hygobr

Period 7:mytmhib

I will go over the class assignment tomorrow.

Have a good rest of the day!

Due: Mar 24
Hey everyone,

sorry for the delayed response. Here is the link you click on when you need to log in to my ZOOM meeting for lectures in each designated period. Just click on it when class starts and you will immediately join the class session.

See you tomorrow!
Due: 12/17/2019
Hey everyone,

Attached below are the guidelines for your project. It is imperative that you follow these guidelines strictly as it will reflect your grade. On 12/5 and 12/6, you will be working on an early draft in class for your project. This will be turned and be for a grade. This project is worth a heavy amount, so if you do not do well, your grade will suffer immensely.

Due: 11/18/2019
Questions from Forensic Files Video

1. What was the case about? (Answer in 2-4 sentences)
2. How high were arsenic levels in Leta, what symptoms did she experience before being rushed to the hospital?
3. Who was the first suspect in Leta�s mysterious poisoning? Why was this individual the first suspect in this case?
4. Who was the next suspect in this case?
5. How did the forensic scientist test the cremated bodies for arsenic?
6. What kind of item did the killer use to kill the victims?
7. What advantage did the killer have over killing these individuals? What helped this individual almost get away with this crime?
8. At what point do you think the killer messed up and made a mistake? (Completely up for your discretion.)

Due: 11/7/2019
For tomorrow�s test, make sure to study all the classes of drugs and have an example for each.

Due: 10/31/2019
Forensic Files 2

Video Link-


1) How was Michelle found? Who found her?
2) What was peculiar about Michelle�s death?
3) What was assumed first about Michelle�s death?
4) What small thing did investigators find on Michelle�s body?
5) What was the drug that was used on Michelle and what does it do? What kind of setting is it used in?
6) How suspect was DNA found in the crime scene?
7) What was Oliver�s motive to kill Michelle? What specifically was said about Oliver that made him angry?
8) How was the murder carried out (what was done step by step?)
9) What was Oliver�s mistake in the whole crime?

Due: 10/24/2019

Continue to watch video for Homework

Answer questions in your notebook (THEY WILL BE CHECKED AT THE BEGINNING OF NEXT CLASS)


1. What was the whole case about?
2. How was Maynard delivering the pills to Michelle?
3. What were Maynard?s true intentions in drugging Michelle?
4. Why were police not willing to help Michelle?
5. How did Maynard get caught?
6. What drug was used and found in the substance?
7. What were the side effects of the drug used on Michelle?

Due: 10/17/2019
Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that you have a quiz on the material that I told you to study (Chapter 6) in class. Please make sure to study as it will be the last grade going in the grade book.

Due: 10/8/2019
Hey everyone,

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Remember, we are doing a lab this week. I know I told my periods 2 and 4 that we will be doing it Monday, however Mr. Naifeld will be needing the lab room for his Chemistry students on Monday. But no worries, we will be performing the lab on Thursday. Periods 1 and 7, you will all be performing the lab on Tuesday. Essentially, we will be burning stuff so it should be fun and playing with the microscopes again. I need a few things from all of you before the lab,

-Bring 3 textiles (all different materials) from clothing or stuff that you don't use anymore. Preferably, cut a 3x3 in. piece out of the material. Please everyone, bring something. It'll make this lab much easier.

-Attached is a burn test table that I will further review in class. It will serve as your guide for this lab. Please make sure and print it out as it'll make the lab pass by much more smoothly instead of just sharing one.

***FYI: On the days you have lab, we will be in Naifeld's room which is room 360.***

Email me if you all have any questions. For periods 1,2,4 we will be prepping for the lab and continuing chapter 6 tomorrow.

Due: 10/4/2019
Hey everyone,

For homework, I will need you to start reading Chapter 6-Fibers. Specifically, your assigned reading will be from pages 136-141. You don't have to read Activity 6.1,6.2 or Lab Activity 6.1. Just know any words that are in red, italicized, or any important details in general.

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