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Class Name: AP Chemistry
Teacher: Brandon Neifeld
Location: 360
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Due: May 4
The first link is from a top level chemistry teacher doing free reviews from his website. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these reviews and it's only offered for first 500 participants.


Lessons start on Wednesday, March 25 for all AP Courses. The Chemistry lessons will run M-F (10-10:45 AM ET) through May 1st.

Students don't need to watch them live. There is no interactive feedback with students during the lesson.

A short FRQ or parts of a long FRQ will be presented as homework/practice for students at the end of each lesson.

During the first three lessons, there will be connections to relevant topics from Units 3, 4, and 7.

After the first three lessons, we will transition into a comprehensive review of Units 1 - 7.